The Fun Way to Learn a Language

Learn Italian from your laptop

Live online Italian classes for beginners

Do you want to speak Italian, but you're not sure where to start? Our live online classes will have you chatting in Italian right from the first lesson

Get over your fear of speaking in a small group of supportive and friendly learners
Learn from wherever you are in the world, at a time and pace that suits you
Learn in a relaxed atmosphere with fun games and simple explanations

Here's what you'll get...

Live classes

Learning Materials

Learning strategies

You'll get weekly live classes with a small group on Skype. You'll learn the basics and practice speaking in a fun and safe environment. 

You'll get access to our online learning centre where you'll find replays of the classes, learning resources and mini language tasks.

We'll cover learning strategies like how to stay motivated, how to deal with mistakes and how to memorise words to help you make real progress in your Italian.


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The Fun Way to Learn a Language

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Get free mini Italian lessons


A New Way to Learn Italian

Learn by talking

Speak with confidence

Focus on the important stuff

The quickest and most enjoyable way to learn Italian is by using it in conversations. This course will help you find the right words and put them together so that you can communicate. 



We'll study grammar and vocabulary on a need to know basis: you'll learn things that'll help you speak in real situations, not random words for kitchen appliances you'll never use. 


You'll practice speaking in a safe and supportive environment to help you get past your speaking blocks and  feel ready to get out there and start speaking to Italians

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Learn from home

The online format means you can get a made-to-measure course which integrates easily into your life: you can learn at home, in the office, or from wherever you have an internet connection.

Have fun

I'm not a native Italian. I got to a level of advanced fluency by following some simple strategies that I'll teach you in our lessons. I understand the challenges that beginners face and can help you overcome them. 


Learn the right strategies

When we enjoy learning, our minds absorb information easily. Classes are packed with entertaining examples, interactive games and simple explanations to help you pick up Italian without the stress. 



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